Best and Most Popular WordPress Plugins

This article will discuss the best and most popular WordPress plugins that can increase your site’s speed, secure your website, and improve SEO. The WordPress plugins I will discuss are W3 Total Cache, Wordfence Security, and Yoast SEO.

W3 Total Cache helps to considerably increase the speed of your WordPress site without needing to make a major time investment. W3 Total Cache is a complete framework to increase your website’s speed. W3 Total Cache is also not overbearing and makes no theme changes to your website. W3 Total Cache includes minify, a tool that optimizes CSS, JavaScript, and HTML to decrease the load time of your website.

W3 Total Cache has easy instructions to set up your site on a Content Delivery Network (CDN). A CDN will help speed up your site by storing media and themes in different locations throughout the world in order to provide low latency.

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Wordfence is an easy to install WordPress plugin that offers protection against malware, back door vulnerabilities, brute-force attacks. WordFence also provides a system that is similar to a firewall for your website. There is a premium and free version. Both are updated frequently and provide a good level of security for a regular WordPress site.

Wordfence has the ability to block ranges of IP addresses/geographies. Wordfence has a scanner that operates continuously to search for files or comments uploaded to your site to prevent malicious uploads. Wordfence will also block any sort of content with dangerous URLs.

Yoast SEO helps improve the SEO of your WordPress website. Yoast SEO will help guide your choices for title, keywords, and meta description based on page content and settings in Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO will generate a preview of how the page will appear in Google search results.

Most Popular WordPress Plugins SEO

Yoast can generate XML Sitemaps for your website easily and quickly that will help your website’s SEO. Yoast also helps you control indexing of pages and allows you to keep pages out of Google search results. Yoast allows you to optimize your social media linking as well.

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