What Are The Best Current CMS Platforms?

A CMS, content management system, is a system that allows for the easy creation/modification of digital web content. Three of the best current CMS platforms are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. These three CMS's have great features as well as plenty of available add-on's.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and has over the last few years been enhanced to work as everything from an E-Commerce platform to a gigantic multinational news publishing site. WordPress has a large number of plugins, themes, and widgets for any sort of customization that you might need. WordPress was one of the first widely used platforms that novices could publish and edit without needing technical skills. WordPress is a great platform if you want to have a web developer build a platform for you and then be able to publish/edit without needing advanced technical skills.

What Are The Best Current CMS Platforms WordPress

Drupal is the CMS of the three with the most out of the box advanced technical features. However, Drupal does require technical ability in order to publish and edit. A Drupal developer will need to know PHP, HTML, and CSS. Like WordPress, there are many themes, plug-ins, and other options available. Drupal also has the quickest load time of the three CMS's out of the box. Drupal, like WordPress, has the ability to be transformed into a large array of different types of sites such as an E-Commerce site or a forum. Drupal is excellent at allowing administrators to manage content effectively.

Joomla is the second most used CMS after WordPress and has a lot of plug-ins and themes available to customize your site. Joomla is easy to use but also has a lot of tools available to make technical modifications. Joomla is the middle ground between Drupal's technical complexity and WordPress' ease of use. Even though publishing itself is not that difficult with Joomla, configuration will probably require a developer to at least initially set up, as the inner workings of Joomla are complex. Upgrading for Joomla is the worse of the three and upgrading in Joomla can break plug-ins and other extensions.

What Are The Best Current CMS Platforms Joomla

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