Website Building Cost – How to Estimate How Much It Will Cost to Build Your Website

Estimating how much it will cost to build your website depends on a wide range of factors. The two main factors in determining how much it will cost to build your company’s website are the functionality that you need for your company’s website and the size of your company. If you are looking to build a SAAS (Software as a Service) website that is going to be much more expensive than if you are looking to build a one-page website that is functioning like an online business card.

The second factor is the size of the business. Generally, a larger business will have a need for more pages detailing the products and/or services for the company. A larger business usually will need custom functionality, unique media, copy, and beta testing. In terms of website building costs, you need to factor in initial costs versus ongoing costs. Initial costs generally include the original build of the website. The ongoing costs include maintenance/hosting, marketing, and additional development.

website building cost
Website Building Cost

The first critical aspect of estimating your website building cost is determining what you want your website to accomplish. Is your website going to be an Ecommerce website, SAAS website, or lead generation website? There are 100’s of possibilities for different types of websites. The more complex the website is the more you will need to spend.

Determine what sort of audience you would like your website to reach so the website can be designed for that particular audience. Also, determine what sort of goals you would like for your website to accomplish: do you want your audience to purchase your products? or enter their information in a lead form so that a licensed professional from your business can call them to help/generate new business?

If you do not have media available for your company, the digital agency will need to have custom photographs and videos created for your website. The media also needs to be optimized for the website. Custom media generally performs better in terms of achieving website goals than stock media. Well-written and powerful copy will also need to be created for your company if you do not have available copy.

website building cost
Website Building Cost

If your company has a CRM (customer-relationship-management system), the CRM can be integrated into your website, or the digital agency that you’ve chosen can build you a CRM from scratch as a new system to improve your business. The digital agency that you choose can customize the CRM to your company’s needs.

There are many options that you can pick to help improve the success of the website. Many of these marketing elements complement the creation of the website and can be used to improve your business. PPC advertising, SEO, and social media marketing are some of these marketing elements that are currently needed for almost all companies.

Many of these marketing elements are ongoing projects that will help generate revenue, and you can use a digital agency to work on and manage them in an ongoing capacity. PPC advertising is a form of advertising where your ad is triggered based on your customers’ searches. If your customers click your ad, your website is brought up in their web browser, and you are charged. Making sure you obtain customers who want to purchase your products or services and acquire these customers for an inexpensive cost is how PPC Management Services can help.

Our company can help you with PPC Management, and we would be glad to offer you a free consultation to see if our company could help you with PPC. You can contact us here PPC Management services. To learn more about PPC Management services, view our article discussing more on the topic here Pay Per Click Management Services article.

SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of website visitors to your website by obtaining a higher/better listing in the organic (non-paid) search results. Search engines want to answer users’ questions in the best possible way so that users will return to the search engines and see the paid search results. SEO is the process of configuring your website and other digital assets to present your company as the best solution to meet your customers’ needs. SEO is an ongoing process where a digital agency such as ours could help.

Social media marketing (SMM) is the use of social media platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest to promote your company’s products and services. There are many different social media platforms, and the ability to expertly promote on all of them is where the need for social media marketing is generated. Social media marketing can be tied into the building of a website to make social media marketing highly effective.

Estimating a website building’s cost is a process of determining what your business needs and having a digital agency create a quote for all the different parts. We at would be glad to create a free quote for your company, contact us here