What Are The Best Current E-Commerce platforms?

The process of choosing or having a developer choose the best E-Commerce platform for your business can be challenging. Four of the best options are Magento, Drupal Commerce, WooCommerce, and OsCommerce and will be reviewed by this article.

1) Magento is the best E-Commerce platform available today. Magento is designed for SEO best practices; Magento also has many extensions to make it is as customizable as possible. Magento is also very modular allowing E-Commerce sites to add and delete site functions easily. The only negative with Magento is it would be difficult for someone without a lot of web development experience to use correctly.

E-commerce Best E-commerce Platforms Magento

2) Drupal Commerce is an E-Commerce system that allows the content management system Drupal to function as an E-Commerce platform. Drupal E-Commerce has a simple but good customer interface. Drupal Commerce is designed for SEO best practices. Drupal Commerce has a decent number of payment options and third-party extensions.

3) WooCommerce is an E-Commerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce is one of the quickest ways to get an E-Commerce site up and running. WooCommerce has good marketing tools, reporting, and administrative options. WooCommerce is easy to setup and requires not much programming. The negative with WooCommerce is that it is not very customizable and it lacks more advanced features of E-Commerce platforms such as Magento.

E-commerce Best E-commerce Platforms Woo Commerce

4) OsCommerce used to be the best E-Commerce system and is the oldest (founded in 2000) of the four mentioned in this article. OsCommerce is one of the most stable E-Commerce platforms and can be used to develop a quickly loading site. OsCommerce has not been updated enough to keep up with the latest features of more recently created E-Commerce platforms. OsCommerce has issues with scalability, so if you need to build a large E-Commerce site or want to be highly scalable in the future, OsCommerce should not be your first choice.

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